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"Saved By Radio?" I hear you cry. "What a strange name! Tell me more!"

Then sit back, my friends, and you'll hear a tale...

Dawn Loucks and Jennifer Abel met at Calgary's campus and community radio station, CJSW 91 FM, in the spring of 2002. In the months that followed, the two found themselves at innumerable shows, marvelling at the wealth of talent that their city, their province, and their country have to offer. And more often than not, they found themselves wondering why these tremendous artists haven't taken over the musical world yet. In the summer of 2003, they decided to take action to remedy this situation. Thus was born Saved By Radio.

Then in 2006, they went back to their roots and celebrated the needle, the turntable, and the gatefold sleeve with their new Saved By Vinyl imprint.

The mission of Saved By Radio is simple: to bring excellent Canadian music to the attention of the world. It's music that will make you bust your sides laughing, or move you to unexpected tears. It's music that comes from the heart and revels in the strangeness and beauty of life. It's music that your friends and neighbours are making because they just can't help themselves.

Dawn Loucks

Dawn's what you might call a caretaker. Takin' care of business, for sure – working the phone, working the room, shaking the hands. But she takes care of other stuff too – like the collection of K-Tel records in her basement, and any stray cat that comes by her house, and every one of the artists affiliated with SBR. (We're talking making sure they eat their vegetables and get enough sleep here.) Likely it's just that she never really left her small-town Manitoba background – she just brought it to the big city with her.

Jennifer Abel

You'll likely read Jen before you meet her. She still has a soft spot for pencils, although these days she usually uses a keyboard (not a synth) to find the right words for things. Drafting onesheets, grant applications and agreements can be a solitary pursuit, but she does get out to shake her booty once in a while. In fact, we figure she's seen more live music since she arrived in Calgary in 2000 than she has in the whole rest of her life. (Maybe Ontario's not as rockin' as they say...)

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