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The Summerlad

City of Noise ~ Carnus Magi/ Everyone Scolds The Wolf ~ Buy It

City of Noise coverCity of Noise

In the winter of 2005 came a creative watershed for the prairie-fire-and-brimstone, hot rod amps and double-neck guitars of The Summerlad: a commission to write and perform a piece at The High Performance Rodeo for One Yellow Rabbit. The ‘Lads blew everyone off the horizon with the guitar-orchestrated, choral-accompanied City of Noise, an ensemble piece about the day in the life of a city.

Part “Peter and the Wolf”, part “One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich”, City of Noise played for one night to a sold out audience. A smaller, more fragmented version was also performed later that spring for the group’s Themes: International release night at a beautiful old cathedral. The response was so overwhelming that the group disappeared for two years to record the composition. Recorded in fragments, the ‘Lads fleshed out the piece with added spoken text and a growing recording confidence. With massive amounts of help from The New Gallery and their space and a whole mess of friends and relatives, City of Noise has finally taken shape and has become a truly unique and exciting release.

And by the way: since they’ve come up for air, the boys (Garrett, Arran, Sean and Dean) have been swooning mightily over the addition of Ms. Liz Collins on keyboards and vocals. Oh, how the dynamics have changed! With Liz’s new blood and desire for sound exploration as well as the driest sense of humor in Western Canada, The Summerlad are more excited than ever for the City of Noise album and single.

With a release schedule set for fall ’07 on double vinyl via Saved By Vinyl and on CD through Saved By Radio, and a series of shows with expanded line-up set in unconventional venues across Canada and beyond planned for the winter of ’07/08 and the spring of ’08, along with plans to record yet another album and who knows what else — maybe forming a leftist political movement or writing scripts for Hollywood — The Summerlad seem poised for a career as, well, careerists.


Track List

  1. City of Noise (Single)
  2. City of Noise (Long Song)

Written, produced and performed by The Summerlad: Liz Collins, Arran Fisher, Sean Grier, Dean Martin, Garrett McClure. Recorded and mixed by Arran Fisher at Acoustikitty. Mastered by Dave Horrocks at Infinite Wave. Featuring Aimee-Jo Benoit, vocals; Jenny Fisher, spoken word; Meagan Kelln, organ and synthesizer; Ian Russell, auxiliary drums; Chad Van Gaalen, vocals.

Mark Hamilton, Denise Groulx, That Naked Guy, Peter Curtis Morgan, Capatiller Girl, Conrad Ouchi, Brian Milne, Lindsay Bowman, Andrew Siu, Julie Wong, Erin Donahue, Khan Brarara, Shants Romance, Jonathan Dupuis, Amanda Lawrence, Meghan Lewick, Daniel Lindley, Nathan Haerle, Christina Milinusic, Jenny Fisher, Pamela, Melissa, David, Annalea Sordi

Carnus Magi coverCarnus Magi / Everyone Scolds The Wolf
(Double B-Side 7-Inch on Baby Blue Vinyl)

Canada’s favourite Art Punk Melodic Noise Pop Psych Rock Band are back with 2 new songs, “Carnus Magi” and “Everyone Scolds The Wolf” — and yes, this release is indeed a Double B-Side 7-inch slab of blue vinyl. One year after releasing the masterwork Themes: International, The Summerlad are putting forth this offering for the newly minted Saved By Vinyl label. Is it a blatant attempt to cash in on the “Wolf” band phenomenon? Maybe — maybe not. What we know for sure is that, with their highly anticipated City Of Noise full length looming on the horizon, the band are heading back on the road to spread the love — the baby blue vinyl love, that is. Featuring one 45-minute long song, City Of Noise should be ready for our ears soon, and of course the band will be putting the finishing touches on a “proper” new full length later this year. In the meantime, out come the wolves — and the blue vinyl.


“The Summerlad is one of those rare and wonderful rock bands whose members are don’t-give-a-damn visionaries. What The Summerlad guys do give a damn about is making music and art by their own rules — then breaking those rules and making up new ones as they go along. What they love seems to be intense, sweeping soundscapes that aren’t afraid to change metre, direction and tone as they mine a vocal or guitar-based theme or melody. … a dynamic blend of pop and rock and folk that’s best defined by its ambitious, exploring nature.” Uptown (Winnipeg)

“Themes: International stands as yet another shining example of a great new breed of Canadian music. Don’t miss this.” The Silhouette (Hamilton)

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