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Rebels United

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Rebels United EP coverSelf-Titled EP

When he turned his hand to producing, veteran singer-songwriter Lorrie Matheson knew that he’d have an opportunity to pass on some of his vast musical experience to a new generation of maturing artists. The list of emerging musicians he’s taken under his wing is impressive: think Shane Ghostkeeper, Jay Crocker, and The Bent Spoon Ensemble. His latest protegé is definitely the youngest of this crop of young talent: seven-year-old Penn Poutanen, a Calgary boy with a love of George Lucas films and Danish building blocks. But there’s no doubt that these two are kindred spirits, and that they share an irreverent, iconoclastic view of the world; they truly are Rebels United.

This four-song EP features a variety of lyrical subject matter and styles: “Autobots” and “The Rebels” are old-school electro reflections on pop-culture phenomena, “Sharky” is a roots-rock tribute to an ocean dweller, and “Sometimes” is a gentle pop ballad on listening to your feelings. Lorrie takes care to craft just the right backdrop for each of Penn’s compositions, creating short, memorable pieces that can be enjoyed by listeners of all ages.

Lorrie’s next major release will be his third full-length solo effort; the much-anticipated In Vein will hit the airwaves in the spring of 2008. The schedule for Penn’s next project has yet to be determined; whatever it is, we hope it will reunite these friends who know that music isn’t about age — it’s about passion.

The Tracks

  1. Autobots
  2. Sharky
  3. Sometimes
  4. The Rebels

Lyrics by Penn Poutanen. Music by Lorrie Matheson. Produced by Lorrie Matheson. Album Design by Penn Poutanen and Xerxes Irani.

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