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Ford Pier

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Organ Farming coverOrgan Farming

Over the years, the Ford Pier brand has cultivated a reputation for eclecticism, melodicism, dissonance, aggression, tenderness, humour, compelling lyrics, and outstanding drumming. The homespun ramshackle feel of the 1995 debut Meconium (largely absent the last of these fine qualities) gave way to 1998's punk-inflected art pop mushroom cloud 12-Step Plan, 11-Step Pier, which in turn presaged 2000's internet-only vault of damaged genre studies, Besides, preparing the way for the symphonic volcano of 2004's Pier-ic Victory.

The newest addition to the canon is an EP that recoils from the sprawling kaleidoscopic arrangements in favour of a leaner guitar-bass-drums campaign, along the lines of Ford's power trio's intense live performances. Recorded in Toronto with Don Kerr and Ryan Granville-Martin, the six songs that make up Organ Farming tackle the big issues as always: work ("Employed"), love ("You Need A Place"), evolution ("Farmer Prince"), secrets ("You Don't Want To Know What I'm Into"), the U.S. Interstate system ("Angels On Horseback"), and the suggestion that the definitive moments of one's life may, and often do, pass unnoticed ("Maybe It Came At The Wrong Time"). Featuring an eye-catching front cover by The Weakerthans' Greg Smith, mixed by Michael Phillip Wojewoda.

Organ Farming is Volume One of a two-parter; keep your eyes peeled for a full-length featuring twelve more songs in the not-too-distant future.

The Songs

Side A

  1. Angels on Horseback
  2. Employed
  3. You Don’t Want To Know What I’m Into

Side B

  1. Maybe It Came At The Wrong Time
  2. Farmer Prince
  3. You Need A Place

Drums on songs 2-5: Ryan Granville-Martin. Drums on 1 and 6: Don Kerr. Harmonica on 3 and front cover image: Greg Smith. Xylaria provided by James Holkko. Graphic execution by Richard Chapman.

Recorded October 2006 to April 2007 at The Gas Station, XM Radio, Rogue Studios, and Shoeboxoffice Poison by the following stout-hearted men respectively: Don Kerr, Steve Major, Jameson Elliott, and Michael Phillip Wojewoda. Mixed by the last of these worthies at Shoeboxoffice Poison, with vital terrain-softening having taken place at the Cereal Loft under the command of Chris Stringer. Mastered by Jamie Sitar at Suite Sound Labs, Vancouver, and Golden Mastering, Ventura, CA.

Jerry Jerry and the Sons Of Rhythm Orchestra used to do a fine song by Phil Larson entitled “Rancher King”. It was inspired by the Book of Ecclesiastes, just like “Turn Turn Turn”. “Farmer Prince” has nowt to do with it, being based in equal parts on the Book of Genesis and the earlier composition “Employed”. They, and the other four songs included here, were written by Ford Pier and are published by Trite Motifs (SOCAN).

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