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The Parkas

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Put Your Head in the Lion's MouthPut Your Head in the Lion's Mouth

After a critically acclaimed debut (Now This Is Fighting, 2003), and near collapse on camera in their brutally honest tour documentary (A Life of Crime, 2006), the Parkas return at full strength with their long awaited sophomore album Put Your Head in The Lion's Mouth. Recorded by Dale Morningstar (Gordon Downie, Great Lake Swimmers, Rock Plaza Central), the Parkas' new release borrows the ragged gospel of John Fogerty, the punk spirit of the Clash, and the wry grin of Elvis Costello. As the opening track spirals from quiet confession to epic frenzy, and soaring synths meet furious guitars, it becomes quickly apparent that this is a different kind of Parkas record.

As one of Canada's most energetic live bands, the Parkas have toured and performed all over the country. Most notably, the Parkas have established themselves as a Toronto mainstay, performing regularly at major clubs and completing a month long residency at the El Mocambo. Over the past three years, the Parkas have showcased at almost every Canadian music industry festival. In 2004, they were awarded a Steve’s Music shopping spree at NXNE, and in 2005 they were named a “sleeper hit” of SXSW by the Austin Chronicle.  

Their music has been released in the UK and Australia, including the title track on Loose Records' Start Your Own Country: New Sounds of the Old West Vol. 4, and a split seven inch single with Serena Maneesh on Low Transit Industries.

With less bounce-in-their-step and more knife-in-their-pocket, the Parkas bring it back home on Put Your Head in the Lion’s Mouth.

The Songs

  1. Filthy Rich Kids
  2. Toronto Enough Tonight
  3. You & What Army?
  4. Margaret Atwood
  5. You Get What You Pay For
  6. Lenin & McCarthy
  7. Crucifixion Blues
  8. A Change of Heart (CD Only)
  9. Let There Be Light
  10. Raggedy Ann (CD Only)
  11. The Wolves, Darling (CD Only)
  12. Hey, Ritchie Man! (Vinyl Only)

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