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Burnout coverBurnout

Picking up where their acclaimed 'American Lo Fi' (2006) left off, Ox jumps down the rabbit hole with 'Burnout' — painting their dust bowl soundscapes with a much more textured brush than ever before. If 'Lo Fi' was weed soaked (and it was), 'Burnout' adds a dash of psychedelia as Ox ultimately and fully combine college/indie with the ashes of alt country. It's a sonic candy store affair- and a brand new menu for the underground cult band.

Since 2007, the Vancouver act relocated to their roots in Sudbury- to found Cosmic Daves Sound Emporium- a fully analog recording studio-and set the foundation for years of Zappa-esque indulgencies on tape. 'Burnout' represents the swansong taste of West Coast recording for the group- and are among the final sessions from the legendary 'Profile Sound'- where Ox's previous two albums were recorded.

The Songs

  1. Burnout
  2. Prom Queen
  3. Unknown Legend
  4. Your Old Buick
  5. Ojibway Diner
  6. Speedwagon
  7. Miss Idaho Redux


American Lo Fi coverAmerican Lo Fi

As soon as we hear Mark Browning’s drawling vocals creak on the opening song “Miss Idaho” we instantly know that Ox has delivered an album of stature. Dope-soaked, derelict and wired, the vinyl pressing of American Lo Fi features 9 songs that give a nod to Velvet Underground meets Bruce Springsteen, trading New Jersey urban fairground for Pacific interstate moonscape. Ox's long awaited follow up to the seminal alt-country, indie hybrid classic, Dust Bowl Revival, fuses weary with vicious, punk with hillbilly, the farmer in the city with the electro-magnetic aura of tape hiss and amp crackle. American Lo Fi was recorded in the manic confines of Vancouver's Profile Studios (aka Upstairs Sound Laboratory) amid the plume of smoke, sweat and heavy Pacific laced air.

The Songs

Side One

  1. Miss Idaho
  2. Surrender
  3. Sugar Cane
  4. 747
  5. El Camino pt2

Side Two

  1. 1913
  2. Civilization
  3. Martas Song
  4. Awkward Beauty

Ox is: MARK BROWNING vocal/guitar, RYAN BISHOPS guitar/piano/vocal, ROSE MURPHY drums/vocal, SHAWN DICEY bass/vocal & MAX MYTH drums/hamburger vocals

featuring guests: BE GOOD TANYAS / MARTA JACIUBEK (girl nobody) / TRISH KLEIN (po'girl) / KEVIN KANE (grapes of wrath) / RYAN BISHOPS (kate maki) / JESSE ZUBOT (zubot & dawson) / CHON (be good tanyas, red sugar) / KEN BEATTIE (radiogram) / KINGSWAY

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