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Mark Davis

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Parts I and IIParts I and II

By way of four albums with Alberta country-rockers Old Reliable and collaborations with the likes of Calexico, Bob Egan, Howe Gelb and Corby Lund, Mark Davis has been sharing his portraits of love, longing and loss for thirteen years. Tradition took a bold step with the simultaneous release of two solo albums — Don’t You Think We Should Be Closer? and Mistakes I Meant To Make — the best of which have now been collected on one vinyl LP, Parts I and II.

Because these ten songs come from two very different records, Part I (Side A) and Part II (Side B) are fraternal rather than identical twins. Part I, drawn from Don’t You Think We Should Be Closer? is the dense, polished and planned product of months of work. On the other hand, Part II, taken from Mistakes I Meant To Make, is the quiet, sparse, raw and off-the-cuff result of a three-day recording spree. While Part I highlights the talents of a large supporting cast, Part II makes only sparing use of two guest artists. Where Part I features drum machines and a full rhythm section, Part II employs only the occasional tapping of a tambourine.

Nonetheless, these diverse songs are certainly the children of the same musical parent. This will come as no surprise to fans of Old Reliable’s varied repertoire – the innocent country folk of Gone Are The Days, the experimental leanings and love story of The Gradual Moment, the eclectic boldness of Pulse Of Light/Dark Landscape and the driving rock of The Burning Truth (nine weeks in the Canadian campus/community radio top 50; selected to Exclaim! Magazine’s top ten Roots albums). Those who have seen Davis and Old Reliable at one of their many appearances across North America can look forward to hearing selections from the new recording at clubs and festivals throughout the next year.

Whether you are a long-time fan or are hearing Mark Davis for the first time, Parts I and II will draw you into a world of big-sky soundscapes, poetic honesty and damn fine songwriting.

The Songs

Side A

  1. Come To This
  2. Burning Post
  3. Flowers In My Hand
  4. Eight Years
  5. Saviour

Side B

  1. She Floated Away
  2. Fool For Her
  3. By The Time
  4. In On Me
  5. All Because She Once Was Mine

With Darrek Anderson (pedal steel), Robin Hunter (lap steel, electric rhythm and lead guitar), Shuyler Jansen (electric bass), Jody Johnson (acoustic and electric bass, bowed bass), Mike Silverman (percussion), Marek Tyler (drums, percussion), Sarah Wheeler (harmony vocals), Jay Crocker (baritone guitar, lap steel, piano, pianorgan, synthesizer, trombone arrangement), J.C. Jones (trombone).

Side A Recorded by Scott Franchuk at Riverdale Recorders. Produced and mixed by Scott Franchuk and Mark Davis. Side B Recorded by Dave Alcock at Sundae Sound. Produced and mixed by Dave Alcock, Jay Crocker and Mark Davis. Mastered by Golden Mastering, Ventura, CA. Art and design by Warren Heise. She Floated Away written by Grant Hart.

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