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Lab Coast / Extra Happy Ghost!!!

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Split 7-inchLab Coast Extra Happy Ghost 7-inch cover

Lab Coast was formed in 2008 after a first burst of recordings, which eventually became their first album Wilding. Jesse Locke (Weird Canada) describes them as a "ramshackle channeling of 1990's junk-pop". Their friends at Suitcase Orchestra say "this is a band who sound like they just love playing together, while managing to find, seemingly by happy coincidence, that something extra - pin-sharp melody - in their music".

Following on the heels of last year's celebrated how the beach boys sound to those with no feelings, Extra Happy Ghost!!! is back with two new gauzy, mournful pop-songs, conjured up from the solitude of a Calgary apartment. Both songs draw from a variety of influences - think 60's psych pop meets Eric's Trip, meets Martin Rev. The Georgia Straight calls their sound "a weirdly lo-fi exercise in tension dripped indie rock."

The Songs

Side A: Lab Coast

  1. For Now
  2. 83 Will I Be You

Side B: Extra Happy Ghost!!!

  1. 1990s Brain Damage
  2. Mechanical 111

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