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Happymatic coverHappymatic

Formed in 2002, Hilotrons stormed out of the gates with the frantic Hilotrons a year later. Their debut established the band’s trademark mélange of funk, new wave and soundtrack music, faithfully capturing to tape the energy of their sweaty live shows.

Bella Simone followed in 2006, showcasing a sometimes rawer, more distorted sound, but also expanding the range of Hilotrons’ palette by including subdued pop affairs

(“Look, Wow”) and songs with more complex structures (“Samurai Robot” and “Bella Simone”).

Six years on, Hilotrons have found the magic combination. Happymatic manages to bring together the danceability of their debut and the complexity of their sophomore album to create their most accessible and tightly-knit production to date. Hooky pop is abundant (“Dominika,” “Lost in Yichang” and “Big Plans”), sweat is in the air (“Streets of Science,” “Emergency Street”), and even a classic Ottawa cover is thrown in for good measure (Kepler’s “I’m a Parade” gets a Lynch-like cinematic treatment). Call it pop, new wave, or even dance music—whatever you want—but if beads of sweat aren’t running down your back by the end of Happymatic, then you probably aren’t breathing.

The Songs

Side A

  1. Lost in Yichang
  2. Streets of Science
  3. Dominika
  4. Lovesuit
  5. Deep River
  6. Emergency Street

Side B

  1. Caught on Video
  2. Girls
  3. Comrade Elvis
  4. Big Plans
  5. Feet First
  6. I’m a Parade
  7. Teen Dreams

All songs © 2008 Mike Dubue (SOCAN), except "Comrade Elvis" and "Teen Dreams"– © 2008 Paul Hogan (SOCAN); "Emergency Street" – © 2008 Mike Schultz, Mike Dubue, Paul Hogan and Luke Martin (SOCAN); "I'm a Parade" – © 2002 Samir Khan (SOCAN).

Produced and performed by HILOTRONS (Philip Shaw Bova, Mike Dubue, Paul Hogan, Damian Sawka, Mike Schultz). Recorded, mixed and mastered by Philip Shaw Bova at Bova Sound (Ottawa, ON). Lacquer master for vinyl prepared by John Golden at Golden Mastering (Ventura, CA).

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