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Bottled Lightning of An All Time High coverBottled Lightning of An All Time High

C'mon is:

Dean Dallas Bentley: drums
Ian Blurton: guitar, vocal
Katie Lynn Campbell: bass, vocal

C'mon is a power trio. There are 3 of them. As three points of a triangle they fuck up together, rise above together, walk together and rock together. They create (new LP "Bottled Lightning of an All Time High" out now on vinyl/CD. 3rd LP in 4 years.), they tour (currently doing Canada for the 5th time in 4 years, USA in January 2008) and they rely on these simple rules: get in the van, do it now, jam econo and take no prisoners. They are a dirty hubcap reflecting a slice of the world spinning at sunset, they are the alleyways and gutters of a midnight mass and they are the whisper of covert plans boxed up and shipped out on the 4am train.

C'mon are soular powered, and using the last 50 years of rock and beyond as their template they will cut out a stencil and spraypaint their name in yr town. Their palette includes all the colors of the rainbow and the sound of volcanoes erupting, lightning strikes and stars imploding. They are a rock and roll machine, a secret shared among friends. They are not "As Advertised on TV". They are a barn-storming, house-wrecking, foot-stomping, hound-dog howling, fucking in the backseat, 70's hard rock and punk, 80's hardcore, 60's psyche stepchild. They were a difficult birth and are troubled in life. They are the three fingers you hold up when you tell that "read between my fingers" joke.

C'mon is electric. They are an expression of who they are. They are awake, the neon sign flickering open that never shuts off. They love the sound of voices raised in unison, eat stardust for breakfast and glitter for the main course. They write their own rules and songs and play by both of them. They reject "the sell" as well as "the sellout" as it does nothing but force the individual to take and consume without being able to give. They hate soundchecks, encores and Protools but love the sound and smell of analog tape and the sweat of togetherness. They play house parties and hayrides in small towns and big cities, in clubs without stages and stages without clubs. They play Freedom Rock and drive in The Freedom Van (tm) taking free rides on freeways. They believe in community because it believes in them. They set it up to rock it out to tear it down. They sleep later and then do it again. This is their best record yet and they have the best fans in the world. They are C'mon.

The Album

 Bottled Lightning (of an All Time High) credits:

B.L.O.A.A.T.H. was arranged, played and produced by C’mon, winter/spring '06/'07. It was mixed by Daryl Smith (Godspeed you black @#$%^&*, Tricky Woo, Frog Eyes) and recorded (90% analog) in  Toronto by Jay Sadowski, Dean Marino and Smitty at Chemical Sound,  Bernard Maiezza at Aural Design and Research and Jon Drew (who also mastered it) at Signal to Noise. The cover was designed and printed  by Louis Durand (currently co-starring in the cult-hit "Gillette and Guy") at Merchguy Printing. There are a couple of firsts. New  drummer Dean Dallas Bentley (ex-All Systems Go, Damn 13, Monster Voodoo Machine) join Lady Katie Lynn Campbell (ex-Nashville Pussy, Famous Monsters) and Sir Ian Blurton (ex-Bionic, Change of Heart; producer of Weakerthans, Cursed) for his first full length outing. Katie sings lead for the first time (and a lot more than on previous outings) and there are guests. Anne Bourne, Owen Pallett (Final Fantasy), Julie Penner (Broken Social Scene), Mika Posen and Nick Storring lovingly supplied the strings on opening track "All Time High" and Jaysad and The Deaner manipulated a harmonium on "Nom'c".

It is available on limited edition vinyl w/ a silk-screened cover and a free download (Saved by Vinyl).

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