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Chris Page

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A Date With a Smoke Machine coverA Date With a Smoke Machine

A Marshall cabinet, speaker cloth spray-painted and torn, Cons six inches off the floor, a Townshend-heavy riff crashing down off the stage like a wrecking ball. This is how I first remember Chris Page: a small basement club somewhere in Ottawa, rock ‘n’ roll played as if life depended on it. Now, years later, I take a walk with Page's new solo album A Date With a Smoke Machine. The crushing guitar of his legendary Glengarry punks The Stand GT or current alt-anthem machine Camp Radio only lurks at the corners here. Front and centre is Page's songwriting, accompanied by acoustic guitars and noisy curios that sound plucked from dusty rec rooms. Plaintive, thoughtful, at times nostalgic, this is music that plays with memories of beginnings and endings, and might just be as crushing as a 100-watt wall of sound.

With more Camp Radio work in the offing, high kicks and high volume will soon return to the Page camp. But in the meantime, A Date With a Smoke Machine is something we should take time to savour. Here, in story and in sound, we find a songwriter perfecting his craft. Here, layers peeled back, we find songs that need second and third listens, melodies to hum, words to remember.

The Songs

Side A:

  1. Patio to Stereo
  2. Slideshows
  3. Two Twenty-Twos
  4. Summertime Out
  5. Quit While I’m Behind
  6. Coax the Ending Day

Side B:

  1. Hello, Danger Bay
  2. Closets Overflowing
  3. Fall Back Morning
  4. Keep Me On Your Radar
  5. Awfulizing
  6. Unwind, Unwind

Players: Chris Page, Dave Draves. Recorded Winter/Spring 2010 at Little Bullhorn Prods., Ottawa. Recording and mixing by Dave Draves. Mastered at Little Bullhorn, Ottawa by Jarrett Bartlett and Dave Draves.

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