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This Beautiful City

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This Beautiful City coverVarious Artists

When a woman plummets from her condo balcony in Toronto's downtown westside, five turbulent lives collide, releasing spurts and geysers of long suppressed sexuality and aggression. This Beautiful City is a critically acclaimed, award-winning debut by Ed Gass-Donnelly. Its soundtrack features some of Toronto’s finest musicians, and features previously unreleased songs from Shad, Buck 65, Bryan Webb (The Constantines), Sebastien Grainger (Death From Above 1979) & Jewish Legend, Sunparlour Players, Andre Ethier, The Ghost Is Dancing, Emilie Mover, and the film’s music supervisor, Dave MacKinnon (FemBots).

The Songs

Side A:

  1. Bless This City (Sunparlour Players)*
  2. Big Smoke (Bryan Webb)
  3. Kennedy Killed The Hat (Remix) (Buck 65)
  4. Mountainside (Emilie Mover)*
  5. Flying Cars (The Ghost Is Dancing)
  6. Self Love (Andre Ethier)*

Side B:

  1. Jane Station (The Ghost Is Dancing)*
  2. Feel The Rise (Sebastien Grainger & Jewish Legend)
  3. How Hard Hearts Can Beat (Shad)
  4. We Want What’s Right (Sunparlour Players)*
  5. Positive People (Bryan Webb)*
  6. Valentine’s Day 1981 (Dave MacKinnon)*

* Produced, engineered and mixed by Dave MacKinnon.

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