20 Years of Calgary Music CJSW – Compilation
A Cool Sound Outta Hell – Forbidden Dimension
A Date With a Smoke Machine – Chris Page
A Dime at a Time – Lorrie Matheson
A Good Enough Day – Royal Wood
A Sea of Tiny Lights – Nathan Lawr
A Tribute to Grant Hart – Compilation
After The Morning After – Ayla Brook
Alberta Crude – Tim Hus
All-Western Winners – Matt Masters
American Lo Fi – Ox
Becs d’oiseaux – Vailhalen
Bottled Lightning of An All Time High – C’mon
Burnout – Ox
BYOP: Calgary Does Connors – Compilation
Calling Out – Fembots
Carnus Magi/Everyone Scolds The Wolf – Summerlad
Charlie’s 7-inch – Deep Dark Woods
Children of the Great Northern Muskeg – Ghostkeeper
City of Noise – Summerlad
Co-Stars – Jay Crocker
Come Hell or High Water – Flowers of Hell
Discover Vinyl – Junior Pantherz
Don’t You Think We Should Be Closer – Mark Davis
Eliminate the Toxins – Mark Davis
Footnotes – Hospital Bombers
Girls, Like Wolves – Miesha and the Spanks
Gone Are The Days – Old Reliable
Happymatic – Hilotrons
Here’s Your Ghost – Falconhawk
Hot Mouth – Falconhawk
How The Beach Boys Sound To Those With No Feelings – Extra Happy Ghost!!!
I Can’t Keep All of Our Secrets – Rae Spoon
In Vein – Lorrie Matheson
Kara Keith EP
Keep it That Way – Andrew Vincent
Lab Coast / Extra Happy Ghost – Split 7-inch
Laika – Hot Little Rocket
Laissez Faire – AA Sound System
Lies on the Prize – Snailhouse
Lily Plain, You’re Hardly Poor. – AA Sound System
Love is a Hunter – Rae Spoon
Melodies from the Outskirts – Jay Crocker
Mistakes I Meant To Make – Mark Davis
Modern Horses – Extra Happy Ghost!!!
My Prairie Home – Rae Spoon
New Normal – Ultimate Power Duo
On High – Kate Maki:
Organ Farming – Ford Pier
Owls of Getchü – Key to the City
Pop Violence – Vailhalen
Pulse of Light Dark Landscape – Old Reliable
Put Your Head In The Lion’s Mouth – Parkas
Rebels United
Rejoice, Remain – Junior Pantherz
Saved By Saskatoon – Compilation
Songs of West Canada – Tim Hus
Sunshine at Night – The Violet Archers
Supermodern World of Beauty – Ryan Bourne
The Burning Truth – Old Reliable
The Devil on a Bench in Stanley Park – Justin Rutledge
The Golden Age of Lasers – Forbidden Dimension
The Gradual Moment – Old Reliable
The Love Years – Kara Keith
The Mighty Antlers of Song EP – Les Petits
The Palm at the End of The Mind – Cousins
The Swiftys
Themes International – Summerlad
This Beautiful City Soundtrack – Compilation
Today’s Remains – Shuyler Jansen
Welcome Home – Danny Michel
Where the Bungalows Roam – Jim Bryson
You Should Have Killed Us While You Had The Chance – Parkas