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Ultimate Power Duo

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New Normal

Ultimate Power Duo - New Normal CD coverNew Normal = The experience of life when your world is rocked.

Ultimate Power Duo = The band that rocks your world.

Therefore, New Normal = Ultimate Power Duo.

On their second full-length album, Saskatoon’s rock maestros Ultimate Power Duo serve notice that their notoriously big sound is bigger than ever. With the award-winning David J. Taylor (Despistado, Sylvie, Geoff Berner) producing, The Riz (bass/vocals), ScottRP (guitar/vocals) and AKDoubleAK (drums/vocals) take their aggressive and progressive spirit to the next level. New Normal also sports a darker vibe than UPD’s previous outings, digging into disturbing modern realities like poisoned cereal, religious confusion, border crossing paranoia and school shootings. These crushing new aural and lyrical dimensions are in evidence on each of the album’s 13 tracks, from the driving hooks and chronological displacement of “Jack The Space/Time Continuum Ripper” and the danceably-smart machine-gun delivery of “Noam Disco” to the ballsiest acid trip you’ll ever take in “Johns On Acid”.

When everyday life changes every day, there’s no point in clinging to the tired clichés of yesteryear. So throw out your authority of choice, burn your flags and effigies, and replace the complacent modern rock democracy with Ultimate Power Duo's white hot rock ’n’ roll dictatorship. This is the New Normal.

The Songs

  1. Count Chocula
  2. Jack The Space/Time Continuum Ripper
  3. English Snotty Boy
  4. Judas The Betrayed
  5. Noam Disco
  6. Hey! Oh!
  7. Johns On Acid
  8. Illustro Indoles
  9. 1 Corinthians 6:9-10
  10. Rad Rock Show
  11. Doot
  12. Homeland SecurityNew Normal

All songs by Ultimate Power Duo. Produced, engineered and mixed by David J. Taylor. Assisted by Doug Luciuk. Recorded at PM Studios, Saskatoon, SK. Mastered by Nick Blagona at Metalworks Studios, Toronto, ON.

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