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les.petits - EP cover Hailing from the Greater Tri-Wood Community, the high-octane arts and crafts mecca nestled in the shadows of Calgary's ominous Nose Hill, les.petits (pronounced 'the petites') are critically trumpeted as 'Brentwood's quietest band'. Drawing deep inspiration from the brief period of popular music, which is bookended by the formation of Victoria's nonmeansno and the untimely and tragic death of Belgium's 'The Singing Nun', les.petits have crafted a quietly dissonant sound out of dying oboes, plangent orchestration, pink noise and jangly French folk songs.

The years leading up to the release of their debut and sophomore EPs, and an.ark.full.of.animals (combined here in one recording), were a turbulent artistic period that saw an exponential widening of lyrical and musical scope. “When we started, we felt an overriding pressure to limit our songwriting focus to mammals exclusively" notes Gabriel Collins, les.petits' lead clarinetist and pedal-steel player. "We really feel like we've been able to push the envelope of that paradigm and capture a more diverse description of local wildlife through our songs."

This new-found freedom is reflected in the content of the EPs, where the subject matter careens from flora all the way to fauna. Glockenspielist Rebecca Taves, reflecting on les.petits’ destiny, emphasizes, "Although we wish to use our new found musical fame for good, we do not want to lose sight of our ultimate goal; to crush the Maharishi Vedic University marching band".

Gabriel Collins studies mathematics at a university, Rebecca Taves enjoys things which photosynthesize and Seahorn (the mysterious and inimitable Matt Swann, who’s also in Hot Little Rocket) is a licensed metaphysician.

Additional performers for Summer 2007 include Chris Vail (Vailhalen, Shecky Formé, XL Birdsuit), Dolly Sillito (Dolly Sillito Band, Vailhalen) and Chris Dadge (every Calgary band ever).


  1. chickadee ATTACK!
  2. boy before the woods (it’s a prequel)
  3. coyote ATTACK!
  4. chronograph #1 (by c. van gaalen)
  5. submersibles II: the battle of little seahorn
  6. gymnopédies #1 (by e. satie)
  7. stamen ATTACK!
  8. best tasting wool in the whole world
  9. spring carol (by b. britten)
  10. the rabbit blackberry

les.petits sont Gabriel Collins, Rebecca Taves
avec Chris Vail (bass), Chris Dadge (drums), Dolly Sillito (glockenspiel), a choir of good friends, Seahorn, and Andrew Wedderburn as the voice of Harlan The Pig.

Mastered at by Richard Harrow. Recorded to analog 8-track in the kitchen at Chickenwire. All songs written by les.petits except track 04 by Chad Van Gaalen, track 06 by Erik Satie and track 09 by Benjamin Britten. Cover art and design by Eric Moschopedis and Mia Rushton. les.petits uses Fisher-Price™ brand happy apples.

Summerlad Snippets (Press)

Derek McEwen triccccxxxx

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It's also charted on:

  • CFRU in Guelph, ON
  • CFUR in Prince George, BC
  • CJMQ in Lennoxville, QC

Track List

Track list for Themes: International:

  1. ss

Produced and mixed by Chris Vail and Gabriel Collins. Tracks 2, 3, 4, 5 recorded as XL Birdsuit in 2003, commandeered by Vailhalen in 2004.

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