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Old Reliable

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A fixture on the independent music and roots scene for over a decade, Old Reliable has earned a name making gritty, honest roots music combined with the fire of rock and roll and the howl of bluegrass. Centered on the songwriting of Shuyler Jansen and Mark Davis, Old Reliable’s unique style is combined with lyrics that are unafraid to explore the darker themes of traditional country music. Multi-instrumentalist Shawn Jonasson, bass player Tom Murray and drummer Mike Silverman round out the band. The key to the group’s success is their ability to sound utterly natural; nothing appears forced or artificial, and no one raises an eyebrow at the bubbling synthesizers lurking behind the fiddle or the fuzz guitar solo.

Old Reliable - The Burning Truth CD coverThe Burning Truth

After a fateful meeting with Dawn Loucks in the mountains of Alberta in late 2003, Old Reliable decided they would begin recording what would become their fourth recording, The Burning Truth, at Calgary’s Sundae Sound. With the help of their longtime recording engineer and co-producer Scott Franchuk and with the assistance of Sundae Sound’s famous duo Al Irving and Dave Alcock, Old Reliable constructed a thrashing country masterpiece, laced with throbbing, howling Hammond organ and gritty, snappy guitar tones.

The album features the two diverse songwriting and vocal stylings of Shuyler Jansen & Mark Davis, with serene harmonies by Shawn Jonasson. Shuyler’s voice is desperate and soaring, while Mark’s is deep, dark and sombre. Shawn sings a powerful and moving lead vocal on the chorus of “For The Unforgiven”.

The Burning Truth is Old Reliable's most raw and vivid release thus far, and faithfully represents what the band sounds like live. You can buy the CD online from Saved By Radio or purchase a digital download of the album from

Burning Details

Track listings:

  1. The Burning Truth
  2. Face The Day
  3. Before U C Me Explode
  4. Autumn Leaf
  5. For The Unforgiven
  6. Thoroughfare
  7. Standing On The Earth Tonight
  8. Out On The Line
  9. Trembling Hand
  10. Fool For Her
  11. Bride
  12. Dying 4 Love

Tracks 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11 were written by Shuyler Jansen. Tracks 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 were written by Mark Davis. Mixed at Riverdale Recorders (Edmonton, AB) by Scott Franchuk. Mastered by Yes Mastering (Austin, TX) by Jim Wilson. Produced by Scott Franchuk and Old Reliable. Album design by Jeff Sylvester at Pilot Design (Edmonton, AB).


The Burning Truth reached #1 on CJSR in Edmonton, spent six consecutive weeks on the national campus/community radio weekly top 50 chart (as complied by both Chart Magazine and !Earshot), and spent two months (May and June 2005) on the national campus/community radio monthly top 50 chart compiled by !Earshot!

Truth Telling (Press)

Fish Griwkowsky preaches the Truth nationally in May 2005's Exclaim!

Mary Dickie discusses the album in the Toronto Sun, May 10, 2005

Francois Marchand revisits The Burning Truth for See Magazine, April 21, 2005

Krista McVeigh gives a young person's perspective on Old Reliable in the U of Calgary Gauntlet, April 14, 2005

Mike Bell doles out the truth in the Calgary Sun, April 22, 2005

Christa O'Keefe gets the first word in on The Burning Truth in See Magazine, April 7, 2005

Old Reliable - Pulse of Light Dark Landscape CD coverPulse Of Light Dark Landscape

Old Reliable’s third album, which showcases the songs of Shuyler Jansen, was re-released by Saved by Radio in 2004. Tinged with violin, cello and pedal steel guitar, Pulse Of Light Dark Landscape moves effortlessly from winsome ballads to galloping rock songs. POLDL features the work of famed rock photographer Elliott Landy (Van Morrison/Moondance, The Band/The Band, Bob Dylan/Nashville Skyline) and guest vocalists Mike Caldwell (The Smalls) and Corby Lund (Corb Lund Band). POLDL charted across Canada, reaching the top ten in several college, co-op and country radio markets (CKUA, CJSR, CKER, CBC Radio Sonic).

The Gradual Moment

The Gradual Moment , Old Reliable’s sophomore effort, features appearances by the members of Calexico and Giant Sand as well as the multi-instrumentalist Bob Egan (Blue Rodeo, Freakwater, Wilco, Billy Bragg). The Gradual Moment was composed by Mark Davis and chronicles his girlfriend’s battle with breast cancer from her initial diagnosis to her tragic death at age 31. The Gradual Moment drew widespread acclaim for its atmospheric sound and reached number one at CKUA and CJSR. The album has also been featured on CBC’s Radio Sonic, In the Key of A, and Definitely Not the Opera.

Gone Are The Days

Old Reliable’s first album; like The Gradual Moment and Pulse Of Light Dark Landscape, it was recorded by Scott Franchuk at Edmonton’s Riverdale Recorders.

Past Press

Michael Barclay's reviews Pulse of Light Dark Landscape (April 2003), The Gradual Moment (May 2001) and Gone Are The Days (December 1999) in Exclaim!

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