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Kara Keith

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Kara Keith EP

Kara Keith EP cover Kara Keith is a singer/songwriter and keyboardist from Calgary, Alberta. She was formerly the front person and songwriter of Falconhawk, and also gained notice for her work with Earthquake Pills and The Betrayers. She has released four CDs on the Saved By Radio record label, including the recent self-titled EP, which features noted Calgary musicians Jordan Tettensor, Andy Macdonald (Fake Cops) and Eric Hamelin (Chad Van Gaalen) performing as the Cop Outs.

Keith’s current (and outstanding) live backing band, Your Dignity, has been together since September 2006. Since then, Kara Keith and Your Dignity have toured in Alberta and completed a ten song CD, of which five songs are currently being released. Guitarist Tettensor, a veteran Keith sideman, hails from Calgary bands The Trickl Act and The Fake Cops. Bassist Sarah Nordean toured with Chad VanGaalen and played bass and accordian. Drummer Jeff Sulima is a graduate of the jazz program at the Mount Royal College conservatory. Anna Horabin and her trumpet round out Your Dignity

Keith’s past accomplishments include two cross Canada tours, an American tour and invitations to major music festivals. She has twice been on ZEDtv , was showcased on MuchMusic’s Going Coastal and was recorded live for CBC Radio3. Her music video for the song Olympia was on medium rotation on Much Music and MTV2 and was later picked up by MTV. Falconhawk‘s début CD, Hotmouth, was on the Exclaim! campus radio charts for 10 consecutive weeks, peaking at number 8. The follow-up, Here’s Your Ghost, also spent 10 weeks in the national chart, reaching #13. In the fall of 2007, Keith will be undertaking a three-month artistic residency at the Banff Centre.

Track Listing

  1. Gorgeous Gets The Gold
  2. Kick This City
  3. Get Up and Go Go
  4. Dirty Girl
  5. Knosses (by E. Satie)

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