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Junior Pantherz

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Rejoice, Remain

Junior Pantherz - Rejoice, Remain CD cover Maybe it's their undying commitment to rock'n'roll. Or their pure Prairie this-year-the-rain'll-come stubbornness. Or that middle-of-the-night feeling that there's still something more to say. Whatever the reason, Saskatoon's favourite musical offspring Junior Pantherz couldn't resist jumping back into the arena – and they're doing it with a new bandmate, a new album, and a whole lotta ear-blistering volume.

The ten all-new songs on the band's sixth album since 1999, Rejoice, Remain, are dark rock songs, brimming with driving guitars and percussive intensity, and augmented with strings, horns, and other surprising touches. The muscular yet nuanced sound that Terry Mattson (guitars/vocals), S.J. Kardash (bass/vocals) and Arnold Van Lambalgen II (drums) honed to perfection has risen to new heights with the addition of Maygen Kardash on keyboards, trumpet and vocals. Junior Pantherz' range has never been greater, juxtaposing tight harmonies, earnest and honest lyrics, and industrial-strength bombast.

From the deceptively gentle opening strains of "On and Off" to the spaghetti-western-tinged title track that closes the album, Rejoice, Remain is both a mesmerizing and an invigorating journey.

The Songs

  1. On and Off
  2. In and Of Itself
  3. False Positive
  4. When Plots Thicken
  5. Be Proud of JPZ
  6. To and Fro
  7. Least Favorite View
  8. High Hopes
  9. The Ice Capade
  10. Rejoice, Remain

With special guests (in order of appearance): Yvanna Mycyk, violin; Elsa Gebremichael, shaker/vocals; Adam Toews, tuba/trombone. Recorded and mixed by S.J. Kardash at Living Space Studios. Mastered by JJ Golden at Golden Mastering.

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