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Jay Crocker

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Jay Crocker

Jay Crocker Melodies CD cover

In the summer of 2003, while taking a break from his jazz studies at Mount Royal College in Calgary, guitarist and songwriter Jay Crocker began drafting the idea of scoring large scale arrangements to his "melting pot" style of songwriting. After an intense year of songwriting and soul searching, he emerged with a selection of tunes arranged for a 10-piece band -- Melodies from the Outskirts.

Melodies is a natural step in Jay's musical journey. In his early teens, he joined the school band playing trumpet, then bought his first pawnshop guitar at 14. Crocker gained notice as a sideman, but is perhaps best known as the guitarist and vocalist for the band Recipe From a Small Planet. With this ensemble, Jay toured Canada extensively, playing just over 900 shows.

From the Hawaiian soundscape of 'Wakeup Honolulu' to the rust tinged stomp of 'Wooden Tin' and the acoustic sweetness of 'Paper Thin', Melodies has a sound full of soul, angles, grit and heart.

The Songs

  1. Wooden Tin
  2. Eramosa Road
  3. Strong Arm Down
  4. Ice Man
  5. Dead Birds
  6. Paper Thin
  7. Somewhere Between Good & Evil
  8. Wake Up Honolulu

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