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Jay Crocker

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Jay Crocker

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Tucked away a fair distance from Calgary's oil rich downtown, lies the secret hide out bunker and personal recording space of Jay Crocker. While much of Crocker's props these past few seasons have focused primarily on his gifts of production and arrangement, there's far more to Crocker than simply a set of skilled fingers at the mixing desk. The cheekily titled Co-Stars (because there aren't really any) marks the re-emergence of one of Canada's most unique musical talents.

Packing an album's worth of ideas into each and every track, Co-Stars bewilders and surprises at every turn. Colliding old school pop songcraft with experimental tendencies -- call it avant pop -- Crocker's sense of composition and adventure is unleashed in full over the album's 10 tracks.

Surely, here is a musician who never sits still. The pummeling opener 'Super Disease' meshes distorted quick fingered riffs with sticky hooks. The gorgeously elegiac 'Beard in a Mirror' sees Crocker define himself "There's a few words that come to mind when I try to describe myself this time: earthquake / handshake / paranoid believer just trying to be a dreamer." Furthermore, there is a rare record that can string together the electro gristle of 'Porno is a Mustang' with the gentle Band style shuffle of 'Beaver Hat Man'.

Hard to pin down? Maybe. Worth following through its myriad nooks and crannies? Definitely.

The Songs

  1. Super Disease
  2. Della Be Della
  3. Beard in a Mirror
  4. Squid tits
  5. Brain Freeze
  6. Porno is a Mustang
  7. Amphibian Sounds
  8. Beaver Hat Man
  9. I've just destroyed the world
  10. Hoof and Nail Shanty

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