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Hospital Bombers

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Hospital Bombers - Footnotes CD coverWe asked Hospital Bombers to describe themselves in 147 words or fewer. Here’s what they said:

“Hospital Bombers are 3 boys & 1 girl from Amsterdam, Holland. They play Stadium Folk, with vocals, guitar, violin, philicorda, bass guitar, drums & a tambourine. They only know 3 chords. They do not know where you can buy weed around here. They all love peanut butter, the Velvet Underground & the Mountain Goats. They released a first EP, Satan’s Fingers, in 2006, and their debut album Footnotes in December 2007, on Holland’s premier indie label Excelsior Recordings, to national acclaim. Their Canadian friends from Saved By Radio will release Footnotes in North America this fall. Hospital Bombers are very excited about this, since they love North America, and hope North America will love them back. To celebrate, they recently bought the Back To Mono, One Kiss Can Lead To Another and Nuggets box sets, got all emotional, and are currently working on their second album.”

We were going to add something about Footnotes being a great example of how the ecstasy of music and the wackiness of relationships transcend international borders. But then we figured that if you listen to, say, “Jackoff”, “Godwin’s Law”, or “Thunderstorm”, you’ll get that universal feeling of ‘where-the-hell-is-all-of-this-including-you-and-me-going’ without us having to describe it to you. Go ahead. Give it a try.

The Songs

  1. Theme
  2. Neighbourhood
  3. Jackoff
  4. The Devil’s Music
  5. Godwin’s Law
  6. Kittens
  7. Punk’s Not Dead
  8. Plan B
  9. Black Box
  10. Tighten The Knots
  11. Thunderstorm
  12. Footnotes
  13. Fromuphere

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