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Children of the Great Northern Muskeg

Ghostkeeper - Children of the Great Northern Muskeg CD cover At first blush, there doesn't seem to be much connection between Alberta's Peace Country and the Mississippi Delta. With a debut album that sets evocative stories of northern life to a backdrop of honest and gritty blues-rock, Ghostkeeper makes that link undeniable and unforgettable.

Children of the Great Northern Muskeg is the product of a long journey, one which began in High Level and the Paddle Prairie Metis Settlement. Inspired by the likes of Creedence Clearwater Revival and Robert Johnson, self-taught musicians Shane Ghostkeeper (vocals, guitar, songwriting) and Sarah Houle (drums, vocals, songwriting) travelled south to Calgary to follow their artistic muses. Their from-the-heart sound captured the interest of that city’s musical community, including producer Lorrie Matheson, who took them under his wing and into the studio. With guitarist Jay Crocker and bassist Scott Munro filling out their ranks, the group creates raw, real roots music with a powerful kick and a unique viewpoint.

While Shane and Sarah’s lyrics focus on the everyday truths of life in a remote Metis community — family, work, spirituality, the burdens of the past — they nevertheless have a universal resonance. It’s hard not to identify with the youthful romance in “Skippin Church” or the potent ties that bind in “Three More Springs” and “The Boxes and The Bottles”.

The Songs

  1. Mr. No Show
  2. Cruisin The Chev
  3. Lady Of The Sky
  4. The Introduction
  5. Solid Gold
  6. Afternoon Girl
  7. Skippin Church
  8. From The Muskeg
  9. Three More Springs
  10. The Boxes And The Bottles

All songs by Ghostkeeper. Produced by Jay Crocker and Lorrie Matheson. Engineered by Lorrie Matheson at Arch Audio. Mixed by Dave Alcock at Sundae Sound. Mastered by Golden Mastering. Chris Dadge played drums on Three More Springs. Lorrie played Wurlitzer on Solid Gold and occasional percussion here and there.

This album is dedicated to all the folks of the Great Northern Muskeg.

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