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Ayla Brook

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After the Morning After

Ayla Brook - After the Morning After CD cover So, here's the scoop.

You may know Ayla Brook as the singer-songwriter for AA Sound System, and their albums as Lily Plain…You’re Hardly Poor and Laissez-Faire. Well, when Marek moved to Victoria, and Lane plotted to move to Toronto (but started a music school instead), it looked Ayla wasn't going to have a band to play in.

But Ayla had half a dozen old songs and a handful of fresh ones to clear out of the song closet before restocking it with brand new material and figuring out what to do about new batteries for his sound system. So it was back to the Pine Ridge Farm in Lily Plain, Saskatchewan, with John Blerot engineering and Danny Michel producing (and a couple ladies and a baby to keep everyone sane), to lay the tunes down one warm June week in 2007.

No (real) drums were used. Just foot stomps and hand claps in the wooden high-roofed room. Late night rummy gang vocals were added to creaking floor boards and acoustic strums. Everyone recording in the same room - no isolated control room here. The wind sneaking onto the tracks disguised itself as tape hiss along with the clinking of glasses and stray bird songs.

After The Morning After is an album about love, about comraderie, about being in the places you belong. From the gentle bounce of “Wake Up Early” to the dreamy soulfulness of “Wonder”, Ayla and friends have created a kitchen party of the heart.

The Songs

  1. Wake Up Early
  2. Leave Anymore
  3. One Two Three
  4. Sweater Song
  5. Maybe I Could Be Your Man
  6. Leaving Tonight
  7. Worth the Drive
  8. After the Morning After
  9. Wonder

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