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AA Sound System

Laissez-Faire ~ Lily Plain, You're Hardly Poor ~ Buy It

AA Sound System, purveyors of electro-roots folk-pop, are Ayla Brook on guitar, sampler and vocals, Lane Arndt on bass, keyboards, laptop and vocals, and Marek Tyler on drums and sampler. AA Sound System has performed with Calexico, Spooky Ruben, Old Reliable and lots of other friends in wicked bands.

AA Sound System - Laissez-Faire CD coverLaissez-Faire

Edmonton countronica trio AA Sound System knew they were going to have to do something big to top the success of their debut recording, Lily Plain…You’re Hardly Poor. After all, it was the #1 album on CJSR in Edmonton for all of 2004 and became a favourite among audiences across Canada — not bad for an album recorded in vocalist-guitarist Ayla Brook’s farmhouse in Prince Albert, SK. So when the time came to make their second album, what did Brook and his collaborators (bassist-keyboardist Lane Arndt and drummer-vocoderist Marek Tyler) do? They called up their friend Danny Michel, promised him a prairie vacation in return for producing, and went back to Ayla’s farm.

Ten days later, they came out again with Laissez-Faire, the next step in the evolution of AA’s signature concatenation of folk, pop, rock, roots, country, electronica, wood, wires, and anything else that comes along. It has the kind of polish found on an old wooden floor, worn to a weary shine by years of passing feet. There’s room for a little of everything, from the bouncy domestic confusion of “I Don’t Get You At All” to the front-porch country of “Harmony” and the singalong chaos of “Raw Joy”, topped off by the Prairie-wide soundscapes “Sooner Than Later” and “Date Palm”.

You can buy the CD online from Saved By Radio.

Track Listings

  1. I Don’t Get You At All
  2. Laissez-Faire
  3. Who’d Of Thought
  4. Raw Joy
  5. Vermillion
  6. Harmony
  7. No Difference
  8. Sooner Than Later
  9. Date Palm

Produced by Danny Michel. Mixed by Johnny Blerot at Wolf Willow Sound. Mastered by Chris Sturwold at This Is Oddyo. Fed by Jody Shenkarek of Café Mosaics. Walked by Buddy T. Dog.

AA Sound System - Lily Plain, You're Hardly Poor CD coverLily Plain, You're Hardly Poor

Their first album, Lily Plain, You're Hardly Poor, broke into Canadian campus-community radio in the summer of 2004, andreached #1 on CJSR in Edmonton. Recorded live off the floor over three days in the Lily Plain region of Northern Saskatchewan, the album was inspired by the life and death of Ayla’s mom, Lynda Bliss, and is wholly dedicated to her with love. AA Sound System hopes that you enjoy this collection of songs about life, love and the pursuit of Northern-Canadian happiness.

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