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BYOP Press

Check out what the media have been saying about Bring Your Own Plywood.

Silas Grenis's review in SEE Magazine, week of January 15, 2004

Sarah Liss's review in NOW, week of December 18, 2003

Derek McEwen's Calgary Buzz column on, December 15, 2003

Dave Johnson's review in Vue Weekly (scroll to bottom of the page), week of December 11, 2003

Heath McCoy's preview/review in the Calgary Herald, December 6, 2003

Mike Bell's preview/review in the Calgary Sun, December 5, 2003

CJSW Chatter

Mike Bell talks 20 years of Calgary rock in the Calgary Sun, June 17, 2005

Falconhawk Buzz

Here's what the critics have been saying about Falconhawk's Here's Your Ghost and Hot Mouth:

Christa O'Keefe chats with Kara Keith for See Magazine, April 21, 2005

Fish Griwkowsky's review in the Edmonton Sun, April 3, 2005

Mike Bell is mesmerized by FH's new maturity, March 18, 2005

Mark Hamilton talks kicking ass with FH in Fast Forward, March 17, 2005

The University of Calgary Gauntlet puts Falconhawk on their March 17, 2005 cover story... and throws in a review for good measure

Exclaim's Helen Spitzer looks at the Calgary music scene, with special mention of SBR and Falconhawk, April 30, 2004

Helen Spitzer of Exclaim talks to Kara Keith about music, April 14, 2004

Whitey Houston's five-star review from Vue Weekly, February 26, 2004

Mike Bell's column in the Calgary Sun, February 13, 2004

Another love letter from Derek McEwen on, February 13, 2004

Heath McCoy's review in the Calgary Herald, February 12, 2004

Derek McEwen's column on, January 16, 2004

Christine Leonard examines the band in FFWD Weekly, October 23, 2003

Old Reliable Reviews

Fish Griwkowsky preaches the Truth nationally in May 2005's Exclaim!

Mary Dickie discusses the album in the Toronto Sun, May 10, 2005

Francois Marchand revisits The Burning Truth for See Magazine, April 21, 2005

Krista McVeigh gives a young person's perspective on Old Reliable in the U of Calgary Gauntlet, April 14, 2005

Mike Bell doles out the truth in the Calgary Sun, April 22, 2005

Christa O'Keefe gets the first word in on The Burning Truth in See Magazine, April 7, 2005

Michael Barclay's reviews Pulse of Light Dark Landscape (April 2003), The Gradual Moment (May 2001) and Gone Are The Days (December 1999) in Exclaim!

Summerlad Soundbites

Derek McEwen gets Summerlad on the cover of Fast Forward on March 3, 2005

McMaster University's student newspaper loved the 'Lads, March 3, 2005!

Mike Bell talks church with Garrett in the Calgary Sun, March 5, 2005

Tim Talk

Read what the press thinks of Tim Hus’ latest release, Alberta Crude.

Larry Delaney reviews Alberta Crude in Country Music News, June 2004

Mike Bell's interview with Tim in The Calgary Sun, April 30, 2004

Rick Overwater interviews Tim in FFWD Weekly, April 29, 2004

Heath McCoy's musings about Tim in the Calgary Herald, April 29, 2004

Tolerance Tidbits

Articles about the Grant Hart tribute 7-inch, Tolerance.

Heath McCoy discusses the last of the Canadian-pressed 7-inch vinyl, June 2005

Lorrie Matheson shares opening for Grant Hart with Mike Bell, May 20, 2005

Vailhalen Voice

Pop Violence press:

Mike Bell interviews Chris Vail for the Calgary Sun (September 16 '05)

The Edmonton Sun's Fish Griwkowsky wrote both a glowing review (August 28 '05) and a glowing article (September 9 '05) about Pop Violence.

Christa O'Keefe did the double-header review/article combo too, in See Magazine, but on the same day (September 8 '05).

Even Toronto's taking notice, with Stuart Berman's review in the October 6 issue of eye weekly.

The latest press for Vailhalen's Becs d'Oiseaux:

Derek McEwen tries to keep track of all the Vailhalen members in FFWD Weekly, September 23, 2004

Cameron Gordon thinks about spit and Becs d'Oiseaux on

Erol Vzberk from the University of Western Ontario Gazette weighs in, September 16, 2004

"(Vail’s) songwriting grows in leaps and bounds with each show and he is unafraid to take risks." — Derek McEwen,

"twisted pop…reminiscent of everything from the Dears to disco." — Peter Hemminger, The Gauntlet

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